Albert Vardanyan

Master Of Armenian Duduk
Teacher and Performer
 Since 1970
Tel: 310-486-5535

Having played the duduk, clarinet, shvi, accordion, and zurna since the age of 9, and performed on stages and special occasions all over Armenia by the age of 15, I later enrolled in the Conservatory of Komitas, honorably graduating with masters degree in duduk. I began performing and teaching in such reputable cultural establishments as Romanos Melikian Institute of Music, the Armenian Ministry of Culture, and Yervand Saharuni song and dance ensemble, etc. I am a winner of a half a dozen Armenian national awards, including “Best Performer” prize at the prestigious Festival of Komsomol and several American Performing Arts awards including the “Best Performer” at the Armenian Star Festival and the 2000 World Cultural Festival held in San Francisco, California.

I left my native country in 1989 and found home in the Unites States, where I became a proud representative of traditional Armenian music. My vastly spreading recognition carved my way into the motion picture industry, where I’ve had the privilege to compose and perform music on the soundtracks of over 15 blockbuster movies such as “Maximum Risk” with Jean Claude Van Dam, “Ronin” with Robert De’Niro, “Accidental Spy” with Jackie Chan, “Ararat” shut in Canada by Canadian filmmakers, and such Disney television series as “Xena, the Worrier Princess” and “Hercules”, Film Ararat among many others.

The exotic beauty of Armenian folk wind instruments is gaining a worldwide acknowledgment, and as a distinguished member of the American Professional Musicians Association I’m honored to represent my country’s cultural background every year, when I am invited to perform on an intercontinental level. From Italy to France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Australia, and all over the USA I bring to light the forgotten grace of the duduk and warm the hearts of thousands of anticipating fans. I have performed in numerous theatrical events, among which is the UCLA Theater Electra Fragments, where I was invited to play for 2 consecutive showings.

Besides performing the duduk, zurna, and shvi, I also give private lessons and make mouthpieces and reeds. I currently teach several Americans and other nationalities, who are overwhelmed by the exquisite sounds of these instruments. I speak Russian, Armenian, and English.

Please call me at 310-486-5535 for detailed information on how to begin your lessons.

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