After 3 years of painstaking work and 5 years of preparation
in April of 2005 will start offering duduks and various Armenian musical instruments that are produced in our work shop in Yerevan, Armenia.


We began collecting Apricot wood from 1998, since then over 4,500 blanks 
for duduk have been stored and aged in a moisture controlled environment.
Instead of using the typical two step process throughout three years we have aged the wood for 5 years and used a 5 stage aging process. Using the knowledge and experience passed to us from the masters of Armenian duduk we are adding our own research and techniques to produce our own brand of instruments while maintaining its traditional integrity of Armenian duduk.


By using a new technology and a five step aging process we guarantee that the instrument will not require perpetual tuning and it will last much longer than the others in most any environment.
 The extra strength gained by our aging process also adds a unique sound advantage.
Just like in the old saying, the harder/stronger the wood, the better the sound.

Our first  duduk was made in our shop in 2003, Serial # of Duduk-A-00001,
it's in the hands of Albert Vardanyan who is also the reed maker for our duduk's.
Ever since 2003 we have made over 700 duduk's that  have been tested and are in the hands of professionals who's opinion we trust, over the years we have improved the quality of the instruments based on their feedback.

Each instrument manufactured in our facility carries a logo and a unique serial number. 1996-2005