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Armenian duduk

At Duduk.com we have been offering duduk's since 1996 By The Best Duduk Masters of Armenia.
Our newest addition is duduks by Duduk.com our own brend - instruments made for specifically Duduk.com in Armenia by our specifications and  our technology. We Make our instruments form finest wood that we can find in highlands of Armenia, wood and the surroundings of the tree are tested for any hazards & lead, wood is aged and after 7 ~ 8 years the initial fabrication starts, during the next 5 years instrument is aged and tested consistently and if needed it will be fine-tuned by our masters.

Your order will include

Soft Reed: Excellent for Beginners
Soft Bag: to keep your duduk Nice And Safe
Reed Case: Food Grade Plastic Case for your duduk reed
Oil: walnut and Apricot Oil Blend for your duduk. We Use a blend of natural walnut and Apricot Oils, Oils are food grade. Restores and protects wooden instruments, Penetrates deeply, Wipe on, wipe off. Dries to a light golden brown.

Please allow 3 to 4 extra days for the reed's to be made and tuned.

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