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Posted by: Duduk Jun 1 2007, 07:55 PM

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assuming that your reed is good or good enough to play
most reed's on eBay do need work - and are only 50~60% ready - you might need to tune them and work on them .....Although i have been fortunate enough to know masters as MKS, Ashot and now days Master Albert who have made numerous reed's for me, I to have had many reed's that have gave me problems - but most of them have become excellent reed's after playing them for long time and correcting it's shape, Sound and the tunning.
The way to achieve a good recording quality reed is >> do not gave up on it wink.gif get as many us you can and play them as much as you can.

any new reed can have many problems
it sounds bit sharper ( in this case do nothing it will correct it's self in time )
takes to long to open
it closes it's self soon after you got enough moisture in it to make it playable
it has a buzzing sound
it's hard to Pinch a key

New reed
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what you need to undressed is that your reed is new and in order for the reed to work and make good sound - vibration / resonance - the lisp of the reed need to be touching each other 2 to 2 1/2 mm

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now what to do

you need to get enough moisture in it to make it playable, it makes it more flexible / playable
then hold the reed ( the way you see it in the picture )- and genteelly pres and twist your thumbs
do this 3 or 5 minutes at the time before and after you play the reed

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this is wan you will have the maximum sound

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again assuming that your reed is good

if you need additional help - stop by at our web site, on the top you can see a link to duduk FAQ.
most of the eBay duduk "masters" do print that page and offer them as free instructions


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