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Hi! I'm an oboe player and I'm interested in buying and learning to play the Duduk. I'm wondering what is the best to start with... any particular key? And for the reed, is the hardness of the reed similar to the oboe? In that case a hard reed should be fine and sound better? Or maybe it would be too hard to start with?
Thank you fort your help,
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Welcome to Duduk Forum

best key to start - if your over 12 years old - the best duduk for you will be duduk in key of A and a soft reed
- the duduk is longer - key holes are not as close as the key holes on D or C duduk + your reed is much larger then the D or C duduk reed - having an large reed is much easier to play / to pinch / to learn on

of your under 12~13 years old - in key of D or C

yes the hard reed has the best /worm fine sound, yes it sounds better
but to start - use a soft reed / then you can move up to Medium and hard
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