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Hello all,

My girlfriend has wanted a duduk for a very long time now, and with her birthday coming up in October I think it would make the perfect gift.

However, I am not familiar with duduks or any woodwind instruments for that matter. So first of all I have no idea which key to purchase. A friend of mine suggested to get a duduk in C since my girlfriend plays piano. I don't know why her being a pianist makes a difference, though. So any suggestions as far as the key?

Also, I've been reading about tuning and it seems very difficult, at least to me haha. How often do you need to tune, and is it a difficult process? And from what I have read so far, hard reeds sound the best but are more difficult to play with, whereas soft reeds are easier to play but do not sound as great, is this correct?

Thank you for your time!
HEllo and welcome to Duduk Forum

C duduk will be good if She is under12 or 13 years of an age - since teh reed is smaller

if older then 15~17 - A duduk will be ideal instrument to start
reed - first one most definitely a soft reed - smile.gif then if shis confident yes place an order for medium or hard, but for now a soft reed will do

tuning - it's part of the fun smile.gif no you don't tune the duduk - your duduk will be shipped to you tuned - your reed will be tuned to your duduk - but as you play you need to tune and fine tune your reed to your duduk
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