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I am new to this site. Last week, I helped my friend to find out how to play on his new duduk which he has from Eventhough his reeds are probably not perfect, we were quite successful and after the first time holding this instrument in my hands, it really got under my skin, so it is probably just a question of a very short time when am I going to buy my own duduk as well.

Because of my experience with flute, didgeridoo, saxophone and trumpet, It is not too difficult for me to play the whole octave with vibrato after the first few minutes, so I will probably buy a medium and a hard reed. The biggest questions for me is what kind of a duduk.

So what are the differences between a duduk from
MKS duduk
OMO duduk?

Thanks for any help

welcome to duduk forum

Master MKS

Founder of Modern day Armenian duduk
Duduk's made by MKS are exceptional quality
each duduk are hand made, wan i say hand made it's truly hand made, he will only used a lathe to shape the outside of the duduk, the rest including the center hole and finger holes was don by hand
he has spend good 55 + years developing duduks
key holes are nice and large, wood is mostly the best quality, he also made his own reed's so back in days wan you ordered a duduk by MSK you will get the best of the best, nice worm / deep sound...

MKS has Set the standard for todays modern Armenian duduk

everyone that are making duduk's, we owe it to him and make instruments that are basically copy's of his instruments

he has passed away close to 3 years a go, MAy God Bless His Sol..

finding duduk's made by him is not a easy task. so good luck wink.gif

Master OMO

one of the best masters of Armenian duduk
one of the most humble man that i have every had the privilege of knowing, his instruments are like MKS duduk's , fingering holes are bit smaller then MKS duduk holes, so for a beginner it's bit harder to play and make half holes, wood was of good quality,it took some extra effort to find the best working reed for OMO duduk's since he did not make reed's him self , some ASHOT reed's worked fine for him, Albert VArdanyan also makes excellent quality reed's for OMO duduk's
we have worked w/ master OMO for many years and have developed many excellent duduks such the bass3, bass5, A3, A5 & Clarduk

May God Bless his Sol
passed away 5 years a go,

It's hard to find original OMO duduk's
we still have some

duduks by our

we took the experience of our masters such MKS OMO and SAM the best that each one of them had to offer and made an instruments that that we can proudly offer to you

MOses Of

PS. can you post a picture of you duduk please
Thank you Moses for your quick reply and for the information.

I will have some bussy time by the river till the end of July, but during august I will surely make a decision about which kind and where will I buy my own duduk.

The picture of my friends duduk bought from amazon will I send probably in the beginning of august.

Kind regards

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