A & Bb Duduk + 2 DVD + 4 Reed's Combo

A & Bb Duduk + 2 DVD + 4 Reed’s Combo

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Product Description

Made In Armenia Yerevan
A and Bb duduk Combo By
Armenian duduk
Your order will include

  • A duduk Made By
  • Bb duduk Made By
  • 1 Soft A Reed: Excellent for Beginners
  • 1 Soft Bb Reed: Excellent for Beginners
  • 1 Medium A Reed
  • 1 Medium Bb Reed
  • 2 Soft Bag: to keep your duduks Nice And Safe
  • 2 Reed Case: Food Grade Plastic Case for your duduk reed
  • 1 Oil: walnut and Apricot Oil Blend for your duduk. We Use a blend of natural walnut and Apricot Oils, Oils are food grade. Restores and protects wooden instruments, Penetrates deeply, Wipe on, wipe off. Dries to a light golden brown.

Please allow 3 to 4 extra days for the reed’s to be made and tuned.

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Soft & Medium