Gevorg Dabaghyan - Learn The Art of Duduk Playing Vol. III DVD

Gevorg Dabaghyan – Learn The Art of Duduk Playing Vol. III DVD

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Gevorg Dabaghyan Learn The Art of Duduk Playing Vol. III DVDLive Performance by Geborg Dabaghyan 9 songs from Silk road traditional Armenian songs and improvisationsLearn first hand from the master of Armenian Dudukclose up’s of his fingering techniques and secrets of his dudukGevorg G. Dabaghyan is a famous duduk player and a lecturer of Yerevan State ConservatoryHe was born in 1965 in Yerevan, Armenia.In 1984 he graduated from the Musical College after Romanos Melikian. He attended the classes of a beloved artist, Khachik Khachatryan.In 1989 he graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory, the faculty of Duduk.In 1992 he received Master’s Degree at Yerevan State Conservatory. The lecturer was Khachatur Avetisyan.Musical Awards and Concert ActivitiesIn 1990 Gevorg Dabaghyan won the Grand Prix for the nomination of the Best Eastern National Instruments held in Dyushanbe.In 1991-1992 he gained the principal prize for Sayat-Nova Nomination held in Yerevan.In 1994 Gevorg Dabaghyan’s CD was made by the American firm “CELESTRIAL HARMONIES”.In 1995 the CD issued by the firm “CELESTIAL HARMONIES” was rewarded an “INDI” international prize.In 2002 the composition for symphonic orchestra, choir and duduk by an Iranian composer Meget Entezami, was recorded especially for an Iranian movie “Miss Maria”, devoted to Jesus Christ.Duduk player Gevorg Dabaghyan cooperates with world renown musicians such as Yo – Yo Ma and Yan Garbarek.Style, Innovation in Music and his Instrument (Duduk)Gevorg Dabaghian is one of the best contemporary duduk players. He is the first to present Armenian mediaeval spiritual music (Grigor Narekatsi, “Havoun-Havoun”, 10th century) by duduk.Gevorg Dabaghyan continues the work of his predecessors like Levon Madoian, Margar Margarian, Vache Hovsepian, Khachik Khachatrian and other musicians, who left their unique heritage in the history of folk music.Gevorg Dabaghyan’s innovative style in music culture, his proficiency and ingenuity to use this instrument brings a special incantation to his art. The sound of duduk touches one’s soul and heart, it is like a rainbow in the sky. Duduk in Gevorg Dabaghian’s hands becomes an autumn breeze, which is natural and, at the same time, sole with its freshness and brightness. The tune of duduk is like a voice coming from the mountains and rivers of Armenia. The harmony of this tune together with the history of Armenia, the combination of poetry image and musical phrase create a new style and sonorousness in Gevorg Dabaghian’s art. Indeed, duduk, which is a musical instrument made of an apricot tree, has a distinctive power to present Armenia, its people and the pearls of this country to the audience.Gevorg Dabaghyan’s inventiveness is eminent in some modern composers’ works, where duduk’s tune is often heard. He is able to match the play of duduk with different other musical instruments such as violin, cello, alt, trombone, bassoon, etc..It is important to mention the works of Armenian famouse Troubador (Gousan), Sayat- Nova and other Armenian Gousans presented by Gevorg Dabaghyan, who plays not only duduk but also zourna, another Armenian musical instrument.In 2001 Gevorg Dabaghyan participated in “The World’s Multi-Voice” international music project in Moscow. The project had a common purpose, to unite the artistry of folk instrumentalists of different countries. At the end of the project Gevorg Dabaghyan played a duet with the famous violinist Gidon Kremer. This was not unusual; in fact, the duduk, which has 3000-4000 years of history, still continues to be heard as an instrument that makes sounds of love and beauty, kindness and joy.